Saturday, February 13, 1999


the elevator at our apartment is a piece of trash. sometimes it works very nicely. other times, it is scary. it bounces a foot when you get on, it stops horribly, six inches above the doorway.

the best however is the emergency phone.

if you listened carefully, you can hear someone else talking.

i dont think we are up to code.

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Friday, February 12, 1999


my cubicle is brown and tan.

i miss the window, i miss a lower floor.

at least im not in a basement. i guess thats a plus.

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Tuesday, February 9, 1999


we love our new microwave. we finally bought one.

the only thing is, i dont really use it. i have to buy more food now to make it useful, which just results in more monthly costs.

we walked down to the ski slope here today. the snow was melting as kids tried to dance over the slopes.

we smiled and headed through the woods.

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Monday, February 8, 1999


“hey man, you gonan finish that?”

‘i just got it. so..’

“well if you dont, give it to me. i eat anything.”

‘ill remember that.’

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Saturday, February 6, 1999


i tore some muscles somtime this week. they hurt in my stomach, and i have to squirm every few minutes to ignore the pain. i toss at night when i try to sleep, and when im not sleeping im complaining. what a week.

the chicago auto show is coming next week, hopefully i will get a chance to go. hopefully this pain will go away.

sena has a doctor appointment sometime this week. im not exactly sure when. the doctor told us she is in her 27th week now. i dont think there are too many weeks left.

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Friday, February 5, 1999


chinese food never sounds good to me, but so many people i know eat it. my friends in ohio used to eat chinese every chance they could. i think they thought it was culture building. i just thought it was a cheap lunch with low fat intake.

when does metabolism slow down? when did my body decide i couldnt eat everything i used to without the backlash? oh well. i dont really care for certain things anyway. i like deprivation sometimes.

mom called about dads surgery. not much to tell, except the hernia is the size of a portabella mushroom. that was enough for that phone call, goodbye.

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Thursday, February 4, 1999


no ultrasound, they dont do them anymore, she said. or at least unless there is a reason to suspect problems.

i didnt understand it. healthcare these days.

i want to know the sex, but i guess there needs to be a problem first.

its a sick HMO world.

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