Monday, March 1, 1999


i met this kid today, his name is allan.

allan and i were talking in the lunch forum at the mall, a place i rarely go. mostly because it is expensive. also because it is crowded.

but back to allan. allan is ten. allan is also autistic. well, at least this is what he tells me. i can hardly understand some of what he says. he has a lisp that keeps him from pronouncing certain words. but the rest i understand.

he is here with his mom, who he loves. his stepfather told him he needed new clothes, no more rags. i can tell he doesnt like him. i dont like him either.

allans mom is in a ‘girl place’, which i can only assume to be the bathroom or some perfume and lingerie store. i nod in understanding. ive been there before.

i walk with allan for a few minutes, and i wonder how i was when i was his age. i never talked. i never absorbed as he is. ive never seen eyes so wide, soaking life in. i wish i could do that.

we parted at dairy queen. his mom was back, and she was calling him. i wanted a blizzard with m&ms.

“guhbuh duhtin.”

‘goodbye, allan.’

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