Monday, May 28, 2001


3:30 am and my body aches. still neck and shoulders. pain in my lower back. eyes blurry, hands aching. but im not tired. a train in the distance muffled by wind beating off the windows causing the screens to creak and rattle.

in sitting in the living room in front of a TV which is turned off. shoes still on, i never take them off til bedtime. old habit or laziness, you pick one.

i lost my wedding band a while back. one day i just noticed it wasnt on my finger. i have no idea where it went. i dont remember taking it off. i never take it off. i keep saying it will show up. but its two months later now and still no signs. sena jokingly says its an omen. i say its just stupidity.

posted by Dustin Vannatter at 8:08 am  

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