Sunday, October 21, 2001


there is a constant whisper in the room. faint, chilling. like an owl talking under his breath. a pattern every few seconds and then random sound. the sounds are new to us. and weve been here two years.

a month ago i walked to the kitchen for a drink. from the kitchen you can see to the hallway which leads from alises room into the bathroom. no lights were on other than a single bulb in the pantry. door closed, light peeked from underneath filling the kitchen in dark yellow. it was probably 4 am. standing in the dark kitchen, i looked out to the hallway. there was no light there but i saw someone. moving from alises room into the bathroom.

back turned to me, possibly a woman. stout, heavy set. first impressions brought to mind a middle-aged nanny. dressed in a long grey robe. surely not my wife. she was asleep and alise was beside her.

my eyes dropped to the sink in an attempt to grasp what i had seen. snapping back to the hallway, dark again. nothing more. the hair on my arms stood straight as i turned for our bedroom.

i didnt look back over my shoulder. door shut and locked. its stayed that way every night since.

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