Friday, April 20, 2007

Kids will be

It has been a while since I have had time to write. Life has been busy, filled with change.

Kaden is now three months old and growing rapidly. He already is approaching the size of his six month old cousin. He is smiling and giggling, loves to watch his sisters as they dance around.

The girls started taking swimming lessons. Both of them are quick learners, much quicker than I ever learned.

Sena is back to work at the hospital. She misses Kaden when she has to work overnight. I imagine it’s hard to leave someone so dependent on you at home.

I’m doing consulting again, involving myself in new projects. New things keep me from stagnating; keep me from feeling like I’ve lost my edge.

Spring has finally arrived in Ohio and things move forward.

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One reply to “Kids will be”

  1. erin says:


    i don’t know what prompted me to look for you today, but it’s comforting because you just wrote. i am so happy to hear your family has expanded – i think of you and sena sometimes and remember the time i spent with you guys (including the only time i ever set foot on a golf course), and all the master p you made me listen to, and i crack up.

    i live in atlanta now, working as an art director. it’s weird to not be in ohio, and i have to confess i miss it – next year i’ll probably make my way back up north of the mason dixon line and try to go to grad school.

    anyway i just want you to know i’m thinking of you, sena, & your family. i hope all is well.

    take care,
    (yes, i was in the mummy 2.)

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