Monday, October 29, 2001


sena and i saw 13 ghosts on friday. although i should probably be more critical of the acting, plot, and the teenage cheap thrill syndrome, we enjoyed the film [or possibly the atmosphere].

alise had her first real trick or treat experience on sunday. she was a ladybug for the festivities and very popular with the locals. refusing to ride in the wagon we brought with us, she walked [and sometimes ran] to each front door screaming ‘more candy!’ only to not understand the basic rules of trick or treating – when given a choice of ‘picking two’, you ALWAYS choose the two largest items. alise, when faced with the option to choose two items in a bowl full of M&Ms and Snickers bars, chose two miniature tootsie rolls. i gasp in light of her error, but she seemed content with her decision so i let it slide, taking note to school her on the correct methods when she is older.


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