Friday, January 19, 2007


First things first, I am an admitted WoWaholic.

I will not deny my obsession with this game. Simply put, it’s a fun distraction. I enjoy the design, the aesthetics, the never ending content.

Sena would say less positive things about it, I’m sure. At times you can lose track of time, and I guess that’s a problem. But overall, its harmless fun for $15 dollars a month.

This month marked the release of Blizzard’s new WoW expansion, The Burning Crusade. Yes, I preordered it. Yes, I planned on showing up at midnight to pick up my copy (I fell asleep, so that plan failed, but nonetheless).

I may from time to time make comments regarding WoW, so please excuse my occasional slips into geekdom. I promise to tag these entries appropriately to save you intellectual types.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the Horde sucks.

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One reply to “Admitting”

  1. Jon Tomlinson says:

    Don’t forget to mention that you are the leader of a raiding guild.

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