Friday, February 9, 2007

My Standard Break From Life

I found out that my brother and his girlfriend are expecting a little one.

I wonder how long until my brother, whom we all thought would be the ‘eternal bachelor’ of our family, loses his cool and freaks out about the dramatic changes a baby brings (regardless if you think it will or not).

Sena and I have been huge Alkaline Trio fans since we lived in Chicago. At one point I even hosted their website for them, along with another little known band at the time, OK GO. So while I am happy to see Matt and Dan doing so well for themselves, I will admit I am somewhat jaded by the bandwagoning fans and the way their style of music has become cliche and ‘teeny bopper’ over the past year.

I remember going to a show in Chicago where there were maybe 50 to 100 people there to see Alkaline Trio perform. No pretenses, just music fans enjoying the music.

I went to their most recent show here in Cleveland: jam-packed with kids sporting too much makeup (girls and boys) and spending too much time trying to look different from other kids trying to look different.So while they still put on a great live show it was somewhat ruined by the atmosphere.

Any chance we can swing the teeny-bopper pendulum back toward rap music for 2007?

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  1. Robb Irrgang says:

    I remember that you played Braid and Alkaline Trio the first time I came to Chicago. It was weird, foreign, loud, and different.

    My wallet hates you for doing that. I own every Braid album and several Akalines now. Thank heavens for eMusic, though.

    Otherwise, long time no. Hope all is well with you, Sena and the kids. I haven’t checked on your site for about a year.

    I still miss swanky, to some extent. And I feel stupid for it.

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