Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keylie, Five

I can’t believe it has been five years.

I remember sitting at my office as Sena came in carrying a “It’s a Baby!” balloon trumpeting your impending arrival.

You were born so quickly, so easily. You gave us no problems on your way into this world. You want to grow up quicker than we want you to; You want to be big.

I watched you at Chuck E Cheese with your little friends. You have such a loving heart, my little angel. You share everything with everyone – your toys, your candy, yourself. I worry people will take advantage of that eventually, but then I remember you’re Keylie, and you don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

I think sometimes of how small and smart and fragile you sometimes seem, sleeping beside me on the couch as you drift and snore softly late at night.

Where are the years going, I wonder. Things seem to be speeding up for me, leading me further away from you as you become more and more independent.

I look at you and your sister and your brother and I can’t help feel worried that I’ll never be able to do enough for you all. But then you look at me with those crystal blue eyes, smile and say ‘I love you daddy’ and for a moment, everything freezes and I know I’m doing something right.

Happy Birthday, my little princess; my little ‘keke bird’ – may everyday make you feel this special.

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