Monday, September 18, 2000


i crumbled this weekend and bought a CD burner. i was hoping i could avoid this fate, but the urge of making my own CDs for people was just too much. let me know if you want one for christmas.

new digital camera too. canon powershot s20. very nice and not too expensive. this just means more recent photos of alise will be popping up shortly.

sena and i leave for vegas tomorrow. ive never been but ive heard stories. staying at the aladdin. up for the wrox conference thing. ive got my wardrobe all set.

its getting cold. that just means i think more about the past. friends forgotten. feelings faded. read some news, hear a story. i was at the mall and saw a girl wearing a letterman jacket from my high school. left sleeve branded ’04’. being part of ’95’ makes me wonder where the numbers in between have gone so quickly.

posted by Dustin Vannatter at 9:45 am