Tuesday, December 12, 2000


oh, its been a while. but i havent really done anything. nothing new to show in so long. nothing new to do in so long.

she keeps growing and i keep getting older. ive never felt so unalive with so much vitality right beside me. how do you explain this mood?

im not sure where i get this attitude. whoever gave it to me is welcome to take it back. everyday i wonder, “is this my last?”. when did i step away from being able to see past such silliness. when did this drama become my life.

its not like im trying something new here. routine album on repeat. i used to try things for me. now i try to not be noticed. nothing changed and i think that is the problem.

its not them, they are wonderful. its not even me, i feel fine. something else, someone else. inside out. on the outside looking in. feeding off the quiet pauses in between.

posted by Dustin Vannatter at 9:33 am