Sunday, September 16, 2001


our room, althought not a square, seems to be perfectly aligned. i face forward and the tv is there. to my left is a dresser with clothes folded inside. on top, my watch, my wedding band, old trophies from my racing days, and pictures of alise. alise herself sleeps in the one corner of our room. she has a small bed made up with dalmatian pillows and tigger sheets. she refuses her room as a sleeping location. its merely a playroom.every night i have to have a fan on. i cant sleep with the pure silence ringing in my ears. it gives my mind time to play and that just causes problems. the fan is off to my left. below the dresser, beside the television.

off to the right there is a nighstand with a few books underneath it. currently michael chabon, james joyce, kafka, clive barker, and bret easton ellis. there are magazines as well. roundel, car and driver, better homes, parenting, HOW. a lamp on top. silver flake with a tweed shade. ikea, last season.

an alarm clock. dual settings. only mine is used for now. sena wakes up to alise or whatever comes first.

our closet light is on a sensor. you walk in, it comes on. but it is too sensitive. you have to wave at it to wake it up. sena gets frustrated, i find it cordial. hello, closet. our laundry basket overflows. never enough reds to fill the washer. they sit at the bottom. shirts ive only worn once.

vcr and dvd player. shirley temple, tarzan, its a wonderful life. charlie brown christmas, gladiator, blade, blues clues.

alises ladybug halloween costume and wet wipes. baby dolls and humidifier. pacifiers and golden books.

im on medication for pain. it makes my vision blurry, and i apologize. this domain name is going away.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2001


alise sat playing and giggling while the rest sat somber and staring.

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Thursday, September 6, 2001


sometimes, we all need a break. but i wont be getting one for some time, im afraid.

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