Monday, October 29, 2001


sena and i saw 13 ghosts on friday. although i should probably be more critical of the acting, plot, and the teenage cheap thrill syndrome, we enjoyed the film [or possibly the atmosphere].

alise had her first real trick or treat experience on sunday. she was a ladybug for the festivities and very popular with the locals. refusing to ride in the wagon we brought with us, she walked [and sometimes ran] to each front door screaming ‘more candy!’ only to not understand the basic rules of trick or treating – when given a choice of ‘picking two’, you ALWAYS choose the two largest items. alise, when faced with the option to choose two items in a bowl full of M&Ms and Snickers bars, chose two miniature tootsie rolls. i gasp in light of her error, but she seemed content with her decision so i let it slide, taking note to school her on the correct methods when she is older.


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Monday, October 22, 2001


for the first time since i can remember, ive grown my fingernails beyond the quick. an effort which has lead to extreme chewing gum purchases and many mangled pen caps.

no ghost activity to report today, but that doesnt mean it isnt happening. we were barely home all weekend.

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Sunday, October 21, 2001


there is a constant whisper in the room. faint, chilling. like an owl talking under his breath. a pattern every few seconds and then random sound. the sounds are new to us. and weve been here two years.

a month ago i walked to the kitchen for a drink. from the kitchen you can see to the hallway which leads from alises room into the bathroom. no lights were on other than a single bulb in the pantry. door closed, light peeked from underneath filling the kitchen in dark yellow. it was probably 4 am. standing in the dark kitchen, i looked out to the hallway. there was no light there but i saw someone. moving from alises room into the bathroom.

back turned to me, possibly a woman. stout, heavy set. first impressions brought to mind a middle-aged nanny. dressed in a long grey robe. surely not my wife. she was asleep and alise was beside her.

my eyes dropped to the sink in an attempt to grasp what i had seen. snapping back to the hallway, dark again. nothing more. the hair on my arms stood straight as i turned for our bedroom.

i didnt look back over my shoulder. door shut and locked. its stayed that way every night since.

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Saturday, October 20, 2001


did i mention our apartment is haunted?

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Monday, October 15, 2001


we went to the indians game yesterday. waited out the rain delay eating nachos and popcorn while we were pushed aside by beer-craving men in a rush to give their 4.75 for a dixie cup full of miller lite.

eating nachos in a wet seat with an indians poncho and a group of loud twenty-somethings who probably can barely tie their shoes to our right.

eyes diverted skyward with each plane passing overhead into hopkins. fun time had by all.

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