Wednesday, October 18, 2000


so, sharon should be married now. i only wish her the best in everything, she really deserves the best of this world.

a friend gave me a book to read, i havent had the time just yet.

its going to snow this weekend. ive got to get ready for that. my knee aches and the weather changes. so many patterns in my little life.

“the neighbors have cute little halloween wreaths on their doors. shouldnt we do that as well?”
‘i dont know. should we?’
“i think so.”
‘what about just a cross. hung upside down. thats scary.’
“not exactly what i was thinking.”

i wanted to go to all of the haunted houses this year, but its a week into the season and i havent even looked through the paper to find the listings. im sure there is a website somewhere, but i just dont feel like bothering google or jeeves. they take enough crap as it is.

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