Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I don’t deal well with death. I try to ignore it, like food between someones teeth that I’m talking to. The topic makes me uncomfortable, unsure how to discuss it, unsure how to describe it.

My uncle died this week. He was always a friendly person – quick to laugh, quicker to joke. My cousins huddled quickly here in Ohio to spend his last days by his side. As sad as the situation is, I hope I get that opportunity for closure with my family somewhere down the road.

As introverted as I think I am, i can always count on a funeral to sink me a bit deeper into that hole; I’m essentially the worst bereavement conversationalist ever.

Sena thinks I’m broken when it comes to grief management. I think I’m just really terrible at it. I feel bad for not knowing how to express my sadness at the whole situation, I just don’t want to offend you or the memory of yours. I’ll just hang out over here by the photo montage next to the guestbook.

Celebrate life, our shitty luck, our lucky shit.

Rest in peace, Gary.

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