Thursday, July 21, 2011

Born of Steam and Dream

I’ve always been a tinkerer, tearing things apart and trying to put them back together (either how they were or how I thought they’d be better).

A few years back I started following the “steampunk” craze that was everywhere. From computers to keyboards to televisions to entire homes, I was fascinated in seeing what others were able to create in the Jules Verne-esque style.

So of course, I started playing around with clockwork and my passion for music and sound.

I started buying any clock parts and old operator and war phonics pieces I could find on EBay and local flea markets.

I started ripping things apart, looking at the craftsmanship of years gone past. I came to realize how much more solid things were constructed back then; things were meant to last, designed to withstand abuse and use beyond what most items today could handle.

I then went mad scientist and started with my own Frankenstein creations. By combining parts of headphones from 50 years ago with modern electronics, I began crafting “functional costume” pieces that people in the Steampunk arena could enjoy – even Kaden gets involved now and then with tearing things apart and welding them back together. Nothing says fun like the sound of a dremel, the smell of a solder gun or the glow of a handheld torch welder.

I’ve recently started selling my finished products on Etsy, check it out if you’re interested in seeing my creations.


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