Monday, March 26, 2012

Ticketmaster Frustrations

So, what’s up with Ticketmaster recently?

My oldest daughter loves the band, One Direction. They’re coming to Detroit so my wife was going to get 4 tickets to take her up to see them.

“Fan presale” on Ticketmaster: Can’t buy more than 1 ticket. They would have had to of sit wherever they pulled 4 random seats from. Not going to happen. So that’s shot, I guess we will wait for public sale to start.

10AM on morning of “public sale”, sitting in front of the computer at exactly the second they open, rapidly refreshing the browser waiting for it to open.

Open, click 4 tickets, SOLD OUT.

Turns out they’ve been sold out for at least two days. Check stubhub and they want 200$-1200$ for tickets to a boy band. NOPE.

How does this happen for every single thing my kids want to go to?



posted by Dustin Vannatter at 7:18 pm  

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