Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mancave 2.0

My home office has evolved over the years. I’ve gone between Mac and PC, back and forth a few times. I’ve finally landed on a gaming PC and a mac work laptop; this works best for everything I do (mobile/iOS development = Apple laptop)

I’m a neat freak, so you can obviously see that here.

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7 replies to “Mancave 2.0”

  1. Adam says:

    Hey man, great setup I was wondering how you did your LED lighting? Do you find it too bright when working?

    1. They’re a strip set you can find on Amazon. They come in a long spool with a remote; you can change the colors to whatever you want, including the intensity (think dimmer) of the LED. Very cool for about $50 bucks.

  2. W T says:

    Great set up. I have to ask – what are you using for speaker stands under the AV40’s? I have the same speakers, and the same desk, but I cannot find a good solution to mount the speakers, especially with multiple monitors set up in the corner.

    It probably doesn’t help that I have half of my galant coming off the wall into the room, so there’s the annoying visible-backside-of-the-speaker problem that bugs my OCD a bit.

    1. Hi there,

      the stands under the monitors are made by audioengine for the a2s; they work well for either product.

  3. discopete says:

    What speakers are those you have? I want some just like it. Your photos have also inspired me to do the same LED lighting you have here, even the colour.

    1. discopete says:

      On closer inspection “M Audio” I see. Did you buy angled feet they sit on seperately?

      1. They are made by audioengine for the a2s, but they work great with the maudio monitors.

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